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The Answers You Need

What happens after I choose a package?

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Once the retainer is paid & design agreement is signed we will get you started on a project design mock-up for your review. You do get (1) complimentary revision for your mock-up!


After the mock-up has been approved & the deposit has been paid the Helios team will knock out your entire project design & get everything customized for your business.


Once the final product is complete the remaining balance (100%) will be due to complete the transfer of ownership. 


You will receive a guide on how to navigate your site after the transfer is complete!

What website host does Helios use for web designing?

Helios only designs with a Wix Website host. We found that compared to other websites the drag and drop model works best for our clients!

What does Helios look for in regards to what I picture for my project?

Please include colors, fonts, design elements, custom designs you like etc. and be as detailed as possible! Creating an elaborate Pinterest board or something similar is your best bet. We will also reach out with a small questionnaire before we get started!


Does Helios offer discounts or payment plans?

Yes to both! Please send me a message for more information.

What is the overall design process?

Collection - After the booking process we enter the phase of collecting information such as photos, inspiration, colors & more to get started. 

Direction - Once all the items needed to produce your product is collected we move forward with the mock-up direction. 

First Concept - The unique mock-up will be presented and an opportunity for refinement or approval is given. Your initial revision is always complimentary! 

Refined Design - Once the items of refinement are noted, Helios will complete all revisions and present the final design. 

Final Design - Your final design is your completed product! If you are ordering an item that requires printing or mailing that will start once the final design is completed.

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